AP U.S. Government & Politics Exam

Course overview

Section I: Multiple Choice

55 Questions | 1 Hour 20 Minutes | 50% of Exam Score

  • Individual questions (no stimulus): ~30
  • Set-based questions
    • Quantitative Analysis: Analysis and application of quantitative-based source material
    • Qualitative Analysis: Analysis and application of text-based (primary and secondary) sources
    • Visual Analysis: Analysis and application of qualitative visual information

Section II: Free Response

4 Questions | 1 Hour 40 Minutes | 50% of Exam Score

  • Concept Application: Respond to a political scenario, describe and explain the effects of a political institution, behavior, or process
  • Quantitative Analysis: Analyze quantitative data, identify a trend or pattern, or draw a conclusion from a visual representation and explain how it relates to a political principle, institution, process, policy, or behavior
  • SCOTUS Comparison: Compare a nonrequired Supreme Court case with a required Supreme Court case, explaining how information from the required case is relevant to the nonrequired one

    The first task of the SCOTUS Comparison question (FRQ 3) will be worded slightly differently on the paper and pencil and the digital exams, due to exam security requirements:
    • On the paper and pencil exam, the prompt specifies 1 required SCOTUS case, and the student is asked to identify how that required case is related to the case given in the scenario.
    • On the digital exam, the student will be asked to choose 1 required SCOTUS case from a provided list, and describe how the required case they choose is related to the case given in the scenario.

      This change is included in the example FRQ 3 in Digital Practice.
  • Argument Essay: Develop an argument in the form of an essay, using evidence from required foundational documents and course concepts



AP Score Credit Recommendation College Grade Equivalent
5 Extremely well qualified A
4 Well qualified A-, B+, B
3 Qualified B-, C+, C
2 Possibly qualified n/a
1 No recommendation n/a