Safety Resources




Make A Plan

Individual and Family Planning

  • Red Cross They provide ready made templates for designing your own family disaster Plan. It includes thinking about procedures for specific disasters, who to contact, where to go if you have to evacuate, etc.


Build A Kit

If a mandatory evacuation is issued, time is often short. Having a prepared bag of necessary items that can be grabbed quickly will give you both piece of mind and the ability to leave quickly. There are many basic lists out there, but you should design one that fits to your individual needs. Design your bag based upon your likely destination. You are most likely going to stay with friends, family or a hotel. Worst case you will be staying at one of the nearby evacuation centers like the Veteran's building or fairgrounds.

  • This site provides the basics for what to include in a kit.
  • Fatherly Article This is a great article that discusses both ready made and Do It Yourself go bags.
  • Survival Bag This article discusses the various options for a survival bag, which is more designed for the collapse of all services. For those who liked to be prepared for everything, including the zombie apocalypse, this is the route you should investigate.

Be Informed

Government Information

  • Watchduty This is an awesome app developed by a team of Sonoma County residents that is a must have to stay up to date and informed. You can download it for both Apple or Android phones.
  • Nixle This is the primary notification system for our area about disasters, traffic accidents, and criminal activity. You should go to the site and register to begin receiving text message alerts.
  • Socoemergency This is the primary county site for information on current safety and disaster information.
  • Alertwildfire This site hosts live feeds from the various cameras located in strategic positions around Sonoma County to detect wildfires.
  • FIRMS This site will display fire provided by NASA on a map for you to track progress.

Social Media Information