Wish List

Top Wish List Item

X-IT 3 Story (23') Emergency Fire Escape Ladder

escape ladder



  • Hand sanitizer
  • kleenex
  • College ruled filler paper
  • 3 ring binders
  • All expense paid tropical vacations

Classroom Wish List

I am occasionally asked if there are any supplies that I might need for the classroom. If you are interested in providing something, I would be most grateful. I will keep this list updated with items that would be most beneficial.

1. Fire Extinguisher - Our classrooms are not equipped with individual fire extinguishers. I really need a decent sized one like the one at Costco. 

2. Facial Tissue - I can go through one every two days with 165 students.

3. Hand Sanitizer - A great item for preventing the further spread of germs.




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